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March 22, 2012

Here at Waracle we’ve been busy for the past 18 months on a somewhat covert project. The project is called Kumulos and its aim is simple: to help app developers build cool apps and do better business. Kumulos now has 1000 paid subscriptions from all over the world and the platform is free to use while you develop your iOS and Android apps. Once you go live on the app store, it costs $10 per app, per month so it’s real easy for app developers to get involved.

Why is this exciting? It’s the first platform of its kind in the world, situated in a rapidly growing and dynamic market sector. We’re proud to have been the first in this space and now we’re seeing some competition in Parse and Cocoafish. Here in Scotland we have a proud tradition of creating innovative stuff and the mobile apps space is no different.

We started building the platform because we were pissed off trying to build database driven apps for iOS and Android. Kumulos was designed to make this process less painful. So having eaten our own dog food on a number of projects, we decided to open the platform up to other developers. Since it launched, the platform has attracted app and game developers from all over the world and Kumulos now serves over 1 billion API calls every month.

We want to start sharing our story with other iOS and Android developers in Scotland and throughout the UK. At Waracle, we have a 20 strong team churning out super cool apps and games every day. We use Kumulos to power the backend of our iOS and Android apps and games and it helps us to think about how we bill our customers differently. We all want to make great apps, but Kumulos is about making cool apps that make money and help your business to grow.

If you’re an iOS or Android developer looking to turbo charge your development projects, you can now use Kumulos to host, access and manage all your customers’ data via the cloud. It’s totally scalable, secure and enables you to bill your customers for your services. Our customers are using Kumulos to turn coffee, into code, into cash by developing and hosting apps in the cloud. If you’re an Android or iOS developer looking to make serious monthly cash from your customers development projects, check out www.kumulos.com

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