Waracle develop and launch Forever Wild social game for Facebook

July 10, 2012

Waracle are today delighted to announce the launch of Forever Wild. Developed in collaboration with The European Nature Trust (TENT), Forever Wild is a 3D social game for Facebook. The Facebook game is designed to raise awareness of TENT’s aims and objectives and provide a lucrative new source of revenue for TENT. In the game itself, the player starts with a 1km square area of barren wilderness, destroyed and ravaged by the effect of illegal logging and poaching activity. The player is tasked with sequentially reintroducing plants, trees and animals into the wilderness area in order to restore it to its lush and natural beauty.

TENT’s mission is to focus on the protection of deeply threatened areas of European wilderness and to protect the species living in these areas. TENT also provide habitat regeneration and restoration where significant environmental degradation has already occurred. Forever Wild is about engaging users through Facebook social gaming and raising awareness of TENT’s core issues and objectives, whilst providing a lucrative new revenue stream for the organisation. Director of The European Nature Trust Hugh Fullerton-Smith commented on the development of the Facebook game in collaboration with waracle “There is only one winner in Forever Wild – the planet. Unlike traditional social gaming projects, every penny raised from Forever Wild will contribute towards real world conservation projects and players will be able to choose which projects they contribute to. Working with Waracle to develop a highly engaging social game will enable TENT to raise awareness, engage potential activists and help to reinvest new revenue streams into real world restoration and regeneration projects”.

Forvever Wild Beta

Forever Wild is a fantastic example of how social gaming mechanics through platforms such as Facebook can be used in new and innovative ways for social good. Unlike traditional Facebook games such as Farmville, Forever Wild is designed to make a difference in the real world, it’s not about creating profit and value return for shareholders and investors, it’s about helping our planet and making a difference in the real world. Forever Wild is built in 3D, but unlike many existing games built in 3D does not require the Unity plugin but uses the Flash export technology to ensure the game is easily accessible to a large target audience. By combining 3D social gaming technology with a rich and immersive subject matter for social good, Forever Wild is a game unlike anything else that exists in today’s Facebook game development ecosystem.

Increasingly, organisations such as TENT are looking for rich and immersive means of engagement through social media in order to generate awareness and create new revenue streams. By utilising tried and tested social gaming mechanics, Waracle can work with brands to produce highly engaging social gaming content that will help to raise the profile of your organisation and engage players and potential activists. If your organisation or brand are looking to develop a social game for Facebook, please contact Waracle today for further details on how we can help. You can play Forever Wild today by following this link: Forever Wild Beta

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