Why Does My Business or Brand Need A Social Game?

January 31, 2012

Imagine there was a magic recipe that was capable of transforming the way you do business. With this recipe, you could acquire more new customers, stimulate greater loyalty amongst existing customers and attract the most talented employees. Imagine how different life could be.

Winning the hearts and minds of your customers is about making them feel special. One thing that binds people universally is their need to feel important and wanted. Customers need to feel valued and you must show that you appreciate them. If you can create a tribe of people who share your common values and beliefs, it enables them to evangelise your brand and help attract more customers.

The social media revolution has underpinned the importance of making your tribe feel special and wanted. The desire for social status, bragging rights and the ability to share experiences continues to highlight this fact; we are all deeply concerned about what other people think and do. The ability to share in these everyday experiences with friends via the social web provides reassurance and comfort. It helps us through the difficult times.

A well-developed game makes people feel special. The term ‘gamification’ may be new, but the idea of using game mechanics and theory to solve problems and engage audiences is not a new phenomenon. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the military has pioneered the use of games and simulations in the art of training and engagement. It was Scottish philosopher David Hume that created the blueprint we use today for understanding player motivation with his views on the primacy of the irrational self. Since the cultural and social revolution of the 1960’s, authors have been writing books that explore the relationship between gaming and psychology.

People love playing games. Play and games have been enshrined together throughout the ages. The modern business must understand that as people, we are hard-coded to play games. We can now understand the link between our brains neural systems and game play. Play and games actually help to make your customers smarter, faster. There’s even evidence to suggest that playing games can help you live longer by helping improve general health and staving off dementia.

It therefore comes as little surprise that marketers and brand managers are embracing the concept of gamification. Our society is obsessed with playing games and much of our conventional thought and approach to consumer marketing is becoming rapidly obsolete. To create deeper engagement with your customers, we must consider reward structures, reinforce positive behaviour, create subtle feedback loops alongside general game mechanics such as levels, challenges, leaderboards, badges and points systems.

When executed correctly developing games helps align your business goals and interests with the deeply rooted motivations of your customers. Gamification mechanics and reward systems can help you to acquire new customers, tell their friends and keep them all coming back for more. In order to develop social games that stick, we must first unravel and deconstruct your customers’ emotions and desires. Only through gamification can we make your customers experience repeatable, predictable and rewarding financially.

Waracle Social Game Developers UK is currently working on a number of exciting gamification projects for the social and mobile web. If you are interested in developing a social or mobile game for your business or brand, please contact us today. Waracle UK specialise in the development and gamification of your brand to engage customers, enhance brand loyalty and generate new sources of revenue.

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