We are here, ready with the skills and expertise to help you innovate faster and deliver world class mobile apps. From prototype to product solutions we have the experience and services to get you to your goals faster. Here’s how we work.


Your vision, our expertise.

What does mobile app success look like for you and your business? Getting to the crux of this is our starting point. Bringing our collective experts to the table we’ll challenge and explore all possibilities to create the basis for the project, in our Ideation Workshops. We’ll consider the target persona and their ideal customer journey, technology choices such as iOS v Android v HTML5, integration with back office databases and basically leave no stone unturned. Powerful and game-changing ideas originate from this phase.

In a nutshell - business case clarification, ROI objectives, customer journeys, project scope and boundary, technology spike, risk identification and a preliminary cost and schedule estimate.


Address risk, plan.

Mobile app strategies and ideas become a reality as we create a blueprint for your project. Project use cases, clickable prototypes and hi-fi mock-ups from our our UX and UI experts will show the first glimpses of the final product and provide a highly visual foundation to further scrutinise customer usability, project risks, issues and defects. We’ll guide you on hosting, platform priorities, timings and application frameworks such as ReactJS and AngularJS and even hardware purchase decisions.

In a nutshell - systems requirement documentation, wireframes, address risk factors, hosting, DevOps, establish and validate architecture and use cases - a schedule and costed plan.


Mobile apps delivered, faster.

We’re not a one size fits all organisation, each project has different objectives and smart use of technology is at the core of what we do. Following Agile and Lean processes we aim to get customers to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) faster. Faster than other agencies and in many cases faster than you can yourself. We’re selective in who we hire knowing that each individual on our team impacts our delivery and your objectives and as a result continually looking for people who mirror our drive for fast, innovative collaboration, iteration and delivery.

In a nutshell - onsite or offsite development teams, cross platform and industry experience, mobile, wearable, web and IoT expertise, online project access, sprint planning, testing.


Ready to manage, ready for the world.

We know all too well how competitive the mobile app and IoT landscape is and we’ll make sure your app launches as seamlessly as possible. Whether it’s going up on an app store or distributed internally throughout your organisation we have rigorous procedures around beta and user acceptance testing and production environment readiness. If we are handing over maintenance to your organisation we’ll work closely to ensure your teams have the learning, documentation and support they need. 22% of mobile apps are reported to only be used once, work with us to make sure your app doesn’t become part of this statistic.

In a nutshell - handover, training and support agreements, Beta Testing, UAT, Production DevOps, App store preparation, product launch.


Reliable, engaging mobile app experiences.

Mobile apps have to work hard to deliver on your performance, profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction ROI’s. MVP is just the start of the journey, on-going analysis of key data and fully understanding Recency, Frequency and Monetization (RFM) is crucial to continually improve and fine-tune your mobile app. Whether it’s improving on-boarding or the in-app user experience. We don’t just build apps, we’re committed to see them evolve, improve and most importantly deliver results.

In a nutshell - on-boarding, usage, in-store, app store optimisation and feature enhancement advice.